Before our designs get to the masterful craftsmen in Stoke-on-Trent, Sasha spends hours on each drawing. Due to the delicate shading and detailing some pieces take days to finish and a number of attempts to perfect. Then comes Sasha’s favourite and most playful part – prototyping – where printed illustrations are cut out and placed on the plain product (be it a mug or a plate). Sasha combines, adds and moves the new characters around until they found their new perfect spot. Once happy with the mock-ups the designs are sent to the factory to be silk-printed and applied.

Four layers of black have been used to build up the exquisitely detailed artwork on each piece. All designs are hand applied in Staffordshire. It is an absolute joy watching a final gold detailing being masterfully painted by hand and et, voila the piece is ready for the final firing.

Before packing each piece is carefully inspected to insure there are no faults. However, not every single piece is identical as there are real people behind each design so slight variations in the application might happen but we see it is perfect imperfection. Finally, each piece is carefully packed up for its final destination, ready to be enjoyed for generations to come.

We are proud to support the heritage of the British Potteries industry, and help to preserve the techniques and processes that make Stoke-On-Trent so well-known and respected.