about the artist

Hello there, I’m Sasha, the creative force behind Fine & Curious, a luxury homeware brand that blossomed into existence in 2016.

From a young age, my heart gravitated toward the world of art, propelling me through a creative odyssey that included formal training at the University of the Arts and an enriching stint at the Alexander McQueen studio. It was within those hallowed halls that my passion for transforming the ordinary into artistic marvels truly took flight.

As the designer of Fine & Curious, I’ve come to realise that my true joy lies in crafting images and products that not only captivate but endure. Drawing inspiration from the mythical realms and the allure of the animal and plant kingdoms, I enjoy the challenge of infusing life into static objects, creating a seamless dance between ideas and nature. And, oh, I adore the timeless elegance found in the simplicity of black-and-white aesthetics!

After years of honing my craft and countless moments of inspiration, my inaugural collection has finally come to fruition. Featuring some of my favourite muses—zebras, ferns, palm plants, and pearls—it reflects the culmination of my creative journey. Pearls, in particular, hold a special place in this collection, symbolising elegance, and timelessness injecting an air of mystery into each design. My vision is to craft pieces that elevate the everyday, inspiring a life where quality takes precedence over quantity.

I warmly invite you to join me on this expedition of fine quality, boundless creativity, and unending wonder.